March - April 2011

This was a crazy year weather wise - a good amount of snow, a lot of very cold days. There was still snow on the ground in March, as evidenced in the pictures. But it didn't slow my plants down. It's interesting to see how fast they grow once they get started.

March 31 - Stachys byzantina 'Helen Von Stein' (Lamb's ear) just beginning to come up. There's still snow on the ground. The old, brown leaves from last year are visible as I hadn't yet done any clean-up.

In just two weeks, the lamb's ears has shown a lot of growth and is filling in. April 15.

March 31 - Campanula 'Birch's Hybrid' (bell flower) and Heuchera 'Frosted Violet' (coral bells). The Campanula was planted last year. It has really increased in size.

April 15 - The Campanula has completely filled in in just two weeks.

Daffodils pushing up through the snow. March 31.

April 14. Just 2 weeks later, you can see how tall the daffs are already. This bed didn't get cleaned up for another week or so.

April 14. This is where I used to have juniper bushes gowing. Two years ago I had them ripped out and have been lasagna gardening the area ever since. It is now ready to plant. The bed is over 30 feet long. I layered grass clippings, leaves, used coffee grounds, composted manure, shredded newspaper, corn husks and sawdust.