May 2010

Foundation Garden

The garden, looking from the left. May 23.

The garden, looking from the right side. May 23.

Siberian Iris Forrest McCord. May 29. This bloomed from the 28 - June 4.

Salvia x sylvestris Rose Queen. I planted this late year year and wasn't sure how it would do, since they were tiny starts from Bluestone, but as you can see, they've filled in beautifully. May 23. Behind it are peonies.

Peony Florence Nichols. Because I had to cut the plant down last year due to fungus, I had few flowers and a smaller plant overall. It shhouold bounce back fine next year. May 23.

Salvia Rose Queen, Campanula (bell flower) Kent Belle (not blooming yet), Nepeta x faassenii. May 23.

Campanula Kent Belle, next to catmint. May 29.

Siberian Iris bennerup blue, May 23. Blooms only lasted a week this year, probably due to the heat.

Scabiosa (pincushion flower) Butterfly Blue and Geranium Johnson's Blue. I've grown scabiosa numerous time and have never gotten it to overwinter. I doubt I'll have better luck this time, but I thought it would great next to the hardy geranium and I was right. It replaced a Blue Fescue that died due to the wet winter. May 23.

Campanula (bell flower) Birch's Hybrid next to a Heuchera Frosted Velvet. The campanula is newly planted this year. May 23.

Red Admiral butterfly, feasting on Scabiosa. Because it's been so hot here, I've been seeing butterflies much earlier than last year. May 29.

Cottage Garden

May 13. Dianthus Bath's Pink just coming into bloom.

Aquilegia (Columbine). I used to have several different columbines but they all disappeared. A year later, I wound up with several seedlings, all this pale pink color. Columbine is one of my favorite plants, so pretty and delicate looking.

Salvia x Eveline. May 23. Unline many salvias (sages), this is a spring bloomer and will not bloom all season. However, with deadheading you may get a second flush late in summer; I did last year. Was already heavily blooming by May 13.

Geranium cinereum Ballerina. So far, this has been my only bloom. May 23.

Back of the cottage garden, May 23.

Dahlia. It was mislabeled but I believe the cultivar is Karma Fiesta. May 23.

Centranthus ruber (Jupiter's beard) just starting to bloom. May 29.

Agastache (hyssop) Acapulco Rose wiht Dianthus Bath's Pink. May 29

Delphinium grandiflorum 'Blue Butterfly' (dwarf Chinese Delphinium) intermingled with Agastache and Dianthus. The plant behindthe Dianthus is a Platycodon (balloon flower) which I have to remember to spary as the deer have been  munching. I lost my previous delph to the wet winter, but it's too pretty to ever be without in my opinion.

Newly planted Veronica longifolia 'Eveline' (speedwell). This is a gorgeous violet color. I planted it in front of my Rose Campion, which is a vivid magenta. I think it will look spectacular together. May 29.

Butterfly Garden

Verbascum phoeniceum 'Violetta'. This will get moved next year to the cottage garden, probably in front of the Salvia May Night. May 13.

Phlox Robert Poore on the left and Helianthus (false sun flower) Summer Sun on the right. All my phlox is getting removed from this garden. One plant went into my cottage garden, where it's already flourishing. As of June 5, one plant was dug up and split into four pieces and sent to happy homes. I still have two more plant to dig and divide. The helianthus spread everywhere, so a lot was dug up and given away. May 13. On the far right is an Echinops. May 13.

Heuchera Raspberry Ice. I got this from Bluestone ;ast year and it's still very tiny. Time to start spraying it with fish emulsion! May 13.

Coleus Solar Red palnted in between some Asclepias (Butterfly weed). Next year, I'll get a taller variety, because the asclepias is already shading it out. Oh well, live and learn! May 23.

Astible Fanal in bud. One of the most beautiful plants in my opinion. Newly planted this year, keep astilbes moist - 2 inches of water a week. May 23.

Nicotiana (flowering tobacco). This is an annual. I am using it as a space holder. Once my grasses are ready from Rare Finds nursery (in August) they'll get moved.

First bloom on Penstemon Dark Towers. This plant is much less finicky than most penstemon and better suited to clay. May 29.

Coleus Big Red Judy. Supposed to get fairly tall. July 29. The seedling you see under the leaf is Verbena bonariensis (verbena on a stick). Eight years ago, I planted three plants, it has now seeded everywhere, Fortunately, it's easy to pull, plus butterflies love it.