June 2010

Foundation Garden

June 12.

Nepeta x faassenii (catmint), Stachys byzantina 'Helen Von Stein' (lamb's ears), Scabiosa columbaria 'Butterfly Blue' (pincushion flower). My scabiosa is not doing well this year and I have no idea why. It just isn't flowering. June 12.

Phlox paniculata 'Nora Leigh' and Eryngium planum (sea holly). My poor phlox has been through a lot this year. I transplanted it to this location because the rhododendron was shading it out. Later (a long sad story), someone used a high powered leaf blower and devestated the plant. I moved it into a pot for now and it seems to be making a recovery. June 12.

Geranium  'Johnson's Blue', Campanula  'Birch Hybrid' (newly planted this year) and Heuchera 'Frosted Violet' (coral bells). The heuchera had some sun scorch, I am now watering it more. The geranium has been there for at least eight year, with no dividing or other special care. What a great plant! June 12.

Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue' (Brazilian sage). Sadly, not hardy in this zone. Further south this can grow 6 feet high and can be invasive. June 12.

Salvia x sylvestris 'Rose Queen'. I bought tiny plugs of this from Bluestone and thought they hadn't made it. I have large plants now and they are gorgeous. June 12.

Campanula  'Kent Belle' and Nepeta x faassenii . June 12.

Heuchera Frosted Violet in bloom. June 6.

Cottage Garden

Front of the cottage garden. June 12.

Another angle of the front. June 12.

From the driveway. June 12.


The cottage garden from the back, looking lowards the street. June 6. The black mulch is a path. I did it in black to remind myself not to plant there!

Achilea 'Coronation Gold' (yarrow), Plumbago auriculata 'Monott', Pink Snapdragon, Centaurea montana (mountain bluet). June 12.

A classic combination - Salviax sylvestris 'May Night' (sage) and Achillea filipendulina 'Coronation Gold' (yarrow). June 12.

Dahlia and Campanula 'Kent Belle' (bell flower). The Campanula was a seedling from the plant in my foundation garden that showed up last year. June 12.

Veronica longifolia 'Eveline' (planted this year), Lychnis coronaria (first bloom!), Salvia 'Eveline'. The Salvia is a spring bloomer, although I might get another flush in late summer. In the background is Euryops, which got moved to make way for a Dahlia. June 12.

Penstemon barbatus Pina Colada Violet. Bought from Lowes. Penstemons are desert plants, so it can be hard to overwinter here, due to drainage. June 6.

Geranium Ballerina. Planted last year. June 3.

Salvia Red Velvet. I bought this at Well Sweep Herb Farm, a truly amazing place. June 6.

Euryops. Perrenial in South Africa, grown as an annual here. June 12.

Minitaure rose. June 12.

Butterfly Garden

Veronica Tickled Pink, Sedum Purple Emperor, Petunia Red Dreams. June 6.

Asclepias tuberosa 'Hello Yellow' (butterfly weed), Coleus 'Solar Red', Nicotiana (flowering tobacco). The Coleus got overwhelmed by the Asclepias. Next year I'll plant a taller variety. June 12.

Coleus Big Red Judy. July 12. The area around it needed to be weeded as you can see.

Lobelia Fan Scarlet. Newly planted this year. Lobelia is an American native plant. July 12.

A happy bee checking out the Asclepias. June 12.

Astilbe x arendsii 'Fanal', newly planted this year. Astilbe is one of my favorite plants. It requires consistent mosture, so I've been watering it twice a week. Next year, I'm planning to water it even more, since I think the bloom time was cut short because it wasn't wet enough. Currently, we're getting temperatures in the mid to upper nineties and I plan to water it every other day. Slightly high maintenence, but so worth it. June 12.

Heuchera 'Raspberry Ice' flowers. This plant is still very tiny, so I've been spraying it with fish oil to help it along. June 12.

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! extremely gross picture ahead of aphids attacking my Helianthus 'Summer Sun'. Proceed at your own risk.

Aphids suck the juice out of plants. While they may stunt the plant some what and will likely cause some leaves to become disfigured, it is very unlikely to kill the plant. If you have aphids, please don't resort to poisons. Good choices for aphid control are - ladybugs! Yes, buy ladybugs. That's what I will do next year. Wash them off with a strong spray of water. Or use Neem oil which smothers them, but is harmless to plants and beneficial insects.