May Garden 2009

Foundation Planting

Foundation garden, May 30. The holly to the right of the planting is getting wacked down if it ever stops raining. The green bush in the botton right is getting yanked out soon.

Peonia "Florence Nichols", Iris siberica ""Blue Bennerup" and raspberry flowering Rhododendron

Side view. Plant in the middle bottom is Campanula "Kent Belle" (bellflower) which deer ate down to the ground last year. Plant at the right bottom is Nepeta x faassenii (catmint). May 30.

Peony and Siberian Iris. May 30.

Geranium "Johnson's Blue" (cranesbill). This is perennial geranium, not the zonal annuals (which I don't like). May 30.

Geranium "Johnson's Blue" and Huechera "Frosted Velvet" (coral bells). The Heuchera was a replacement for the Dianthus "Rose de Mai" that was growing there. I was unable to divide it last year so it petered out. May 30.

Heuchera flowers - May 29

Cottage Garden

Dianthus gratianopolitanus "Bath's Pink" May 30 The tall green foliage in the middle is daffodil leaves.

Columbine. All my columbine died out two years ago but apparently something seeded because this popped up this year. May 30.

Centranthus ruber (Jupiters beard) just coming into bloom. May 30.

Centurea montana (moutain bluet). Rabbits completely decimated the plant this year, leaving me with almost no blooms. It needs to be divided this fall. May 30.

Delphinium grandiflorum "Blue Mirror". After four years, my Blue Butterfly finally petered out. I replaced it with this variety. May 30.

Miniature rose bush, just about to bloom. I got this last year as a gift and I wasn't sure it would survive the winter. May 30.

Campanula "Kent Belle". Somehow this seeded from the one in ny other bed, 50 feet away. Considering it's supposedly a sterile plant, I am quite  impressed. May 30.

Lychniss coronia (rose campion). This is a biennial, so this year I'll only get these basal leaves. Because of my crazy hours last summer, I didn't get to deadhead this as religiously as I normally do so I must have about 50 little plants at the moment. May 30.

Plumbago auriculata 'Monott'. Not hardy here but I can't resist the blue color. May 30.

Salvia "Eveline". I planted this late last summer and as you can see, it really took off. Not only that, but I also wound up with two seedlings this year. May 30.

Butterfly Garden

Penstemon "Dark Towers". I planted this last year (it's replacing Achilea "Summer Wine" which died out.) It more than doubled insize and is currently blooming. I've already bought and planted two more since it's such a beauty. May 30.

Verbascum phoeniceum "Violette". Looking a little raggedy here since it had already been raining for days. May 30.

Gaura lindheimeri 'Passionate Rainbow' Extremely showy, new foliage is pink, as you can see. This gradually changes to green with a white edge. Needs very good drainage, so hopefully the sand I added will help and it will overwinter. (Contrary to popular belief, most plant deaths over the winter are due to drowning.) May 30.

Dianthus deltoides "Arctic Fire". I just planted this last year and it seems to be doing nicely. May 29.