Late July Garden 2009

Foundation Garden

Ernygium Planum (sea holly). July 19.

The flowering is mostly over at this point, but the varied leaf froms still make it look attractive. July 24.

Cottage Garden

Penstemon Violet Dusk. Penstemons come in a wide variety of heights and colors. July 19.

Penstemon Violet Dusk, close-up.. July 19.

Coreopsis rosea Heaven's Gate. I planted this last year in the worst possible conditions - the soil was pure mud. Fortunately, it survived. July 19.

Asters, Rudbeckia, Centranthus. July 19.


Snapdragons, Yarrow, Sage. Love the color of the snapdragon. July 19.

Miniature rose bush. July 22

Dahlia. Since it was bought at Lowes I have no idea of the cultivar. July 24.

Asters, Salvia, Plumbago, Dahlia July 24

Platycodon Sentimental Blue. Note how the buds look like balloons. July 24.

The cottage garden from the front. July 19.

Another distance shot. July 24,

Butterfly Garden

Stokesia Klaus Jelitto (Stoke's Aster). July 19. That's Sedum at the bottom right.

Sedum Purple Emperor (stonecrop) and Coreopsis verticillata Zagreb (tickseed). July 19.

Buddleia davidii Summer Beauty (butterfly bush) and Verbena Bonariensis  July 24

Echinacea Magnus (purple coneflower). July 19.

Snapdragons, all volunteers. July 19.

Gaura lindheimeri Passionate Rainbow (wand flower). Behind it is Monarda and Echinacea. July 19.

Heliopsis scabra Summer Sun (false sunflower). A close relative of sunflowers. This was the first bloom. July 19.

Echinops ruthenicus Platinum Blue (globe thistle). Loved by bees. July 16.

Echinacea Magnis (coneflower) and Monarda didyma Raspberry Wine (bee balm). July 22.

Stokesia Klaus Jelito (Stoke's aster) and Veronica Tickled Pink (speedwell). July 22

Penstemon Dark Towers seed pods July 22.