May 2008

Foundation garden

Foundation planting, May 31.

Campanula "Kent Belle" (bellflower)  with Nepeta x faassenii (catmint). The campanula barely came up last year and I was planning on digging it up and possibly moving it. I amended the soil around it last August and gave it a 2 inch mulch of composted manure in April. That apparently did the trick because it's certainly looking lush. It should start blooming mid-June. May 24.

Raspberry colored Rhododendron flower and Phlox paniculata "Nora Leigh". This is a particularly hardy tall garden phlox, since it's growing in a lot more shade than most can handle. I like the varigated leaves a lot. May 31.

Iris siberica (Siberian iris) "Blue Bennerup" May 24. I just planted this a few weeks ago. My Siberian iris "Forrest McCord" were both divided last fall, so they won't be blooming this year. Both have already put up a nice set of leaves though, so the division worked out nicely.

Dianthus "Rose de Mai" viewed through "Elijah Blue" Fescue grass. May 31.

Stachys byzantina "Helen von Stein" (lamb's ears) next to Festuca glauca "Elijah Blue" (fescue grass). Lamb's ears are very easy to grow and will spread. The fescue grass was bought last year and has doubled in size. I've very pleased with the color, it's a very pretty grass. You can see the attractive seed heads that have already formed. May 31.

Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead' (English lavender). I planted this in 2001 and it's finally becoming a sizeable clump. It's behind the geranium. May 31.

Nepeta x faassenii "Blue Wonder". Started blooming on May 29. pic from May 31.

Cottage garden

Cottage garden facing toward the street. The big stand of leaves in the middle is daffodil foliage which will be dying off in a few weeks. The plant at the far right in the foreground is Lychnis coronaria (rose campion). This is a biennial, so last year all I had was basal foliage (those are the leaves at the very bottom of the stem, down near the ground). It's very striking with rose-magenta flowers that really stand out against the silvery foliage. It should start blooming in June. May 24.

looking at the cottage garden from the driveway. May 23.

Heliotrope "fragrant delight". That's the purple flowered plant. Heliotrope is an herb and smells like vanilla. Delicious! The red flower next to it is Cuphea llavea "rumba". Cuphea llavea "samba" is on the right side.This is annual that's new to me, but the flowers are very pretty. May 31.

 Close-up of Cuphea "rumba". May 24.

Achillea, Aster, Heliotrope (purple and white), Cuphea May 31.

Agastache "Pink Panther". Hummingbird mint. Newly planted, May 31. I bought this in the annual greenhouse but it's supposed to be hardy to zone 6, which is where I am. Agastache can be very hard to overwinter though, since it needs exceptional drainage. I planted it in a half sand mix, so we'll see. Very popular with bees, butterflies and, of course, hummingbirds.

newly planted Centranthus ruber (Jupiter's beard). I love the rosy flowers on this. I had it a few years ago until some crazed chipmunk dug it up. Next to it, at the bottom right is Plumbago auriculata "Monott". This is perennial down south and you can see huge shrubs covered with blue flowers. I haven't grown it for the past few years but it's hard to resist the sky blue flowers it gets. May 24.

Dianthus gratianopolitanus "Bath's pink" in full bud. May 24.

One week later, the Dianthus are in full bloom. Next to it is Centurea montana, starting to bloom and next to that is the miniature rose bush. May 31.

Delphinium grandiflorum 'Blue Butterfly' May 24. This has come back for me three years in a row, so I'm quite pleased. Low growing, unlike the tall spike-shaped delphiniums most people are familiar with. Deep blue flowers, starting in a few weeks.

Coleus planted in between Centurea montana and Achillea.

Coleus "Pistachio Nightmare" May 31.

Coleus "Trailing Purple Heart" May 31

coleus "Gay's Delight" May 31

Coleus "Solar Sunrise"


Coleus "Plum Parfait" May 31. 

Coleus "Pineapple". This plant is looking sun scorched and might have to be replaced. May 31.

Coleus "Kingswood Torch" May 31.

Salvia "May Night" (sage). May 31. The plant behind it is Achillea in full bud.

Campanula "Birch Hybrid". (Bellflower). This plant is nestled in among the rockes the border my garden. It only grows to a height of about 6 inches. If you look to the top right, you can see the flower buds - it started blooming on June 1.

Euryops sonnenschein (also called Euryops pectinatus). Perennial in Florida and Califormia. I really like how the daisy-like flowers are held high above the foliage. Common name is yellow bush daisy. In areas where it's year round, it can grow from 4-6 feet high.

Kordana rose. This is a miniature rose that was given to me as a gift. May 31. Entire plant is about a foot in height.

Butterfly garden

Phlox panniculata "Robert Poore". Note the pretty maroon coloring on the leaves. Sadly, this fades as the summer continues. May 10.

Verbascum phoeniceum "Violette" (Mullein). I planted this late last year and lost one over the winter. It's a tall spindly plant (see next photo), so if I decide to keep it in the garden, I'll need a lot to make an impact. It did start blooming very early, so that was a nice surprise. May 17.

Like most plants, Verbascum blooms from the bottom up. May 17.

This is a mystery plant that is in the butterfly garden. I keep thinking I should recognize it. May 31.


Prunus x cistena - Purple leaf sand cherry in bloom. May 4.

Close-up of sand cherry flowers. Truly a gorgeous shrub.

Varigated Euonymus and mountain laurel coming to the end of its bloon. This is to the right of my front door. There are two many plantings there and I have to decide what to do (I didn't plant these items). May 23.

Me, doing some weeding.