Gardens Early June 2008

The Foundation Garden

Geranium "Johnson's Blue" and Dianthus "Rose de Mai" intermingling. To the left you can see lavender just starting to bud. June 1.

The green and white leaves belong to Phlox panniculata "Nora Leigh". The big green leaves at the base are Ernygium Planum (sea holly). It's planted way too close to the phlox but because it's tap rooted, it can't be moved. Tap rooted plants have one enourmus root that goes down very far. Dandelions are the best known example of a tap rooted plant. They can be hard to establish, but once they start to grow, tap rooted plants can live and flourish for years with no work on your part. On the left top, about 1/3 of the way in is a Verbena bonariensis (Verbena on a Stick). It's not hardy up here, but it's a good seeder so every year I wind up with a few plants in unexpected places. June 1.

Peonia "Florence Nichols" (well, I think that's the cultivar). One of these years I'm going to get a full two weeks of peony bloom. This was not the year since immediately following this picture we had 5 days of near 100 degree weather and the flowers fried in the heat. I didn't get many flowers this year since the plant had to be cut to the ground last year due to a fungal infection. I am happy to report that it seems completely recovered. June 1.

May 24 - my Campanula "Kent Belle".

The same plant after deer chomped it. Hopefully it will make a full recovery. June 11.

The entire foundation planting. I am currently in the midst of trying to bring the Rhododendron and the holly under control since both are incredibly overgrown. Stachys byzantina 'Helen Von Stein' (lamb's ears) is finally, after 7 years, beginning to outgrow its space and crowd my blue fescue grass. I'll dig up a clump of it and give it away - it's a very easy plant to propagate. June 1.

The Cottage Garden

This coleus got missed in my last batch of photos. "Pete's Wonder".  June 1.

Coleus "Florida Sun Rose". Although I had already planted 9 other coleus, I thought this was so pretty I couldn't pass it by. June 4.

Dahlia "Red Pgymy". June 4.

Close-up of Dahlia flower. June 4.

Euryops with Cuphea and Helitrope in the background. June 6.

Salvia gregii "Raspberry Royale" in front of Dianthus gratianopolitanus "Bath's Pink"

Dianthus "Bath's Pink" and Agastache "Pink Panther". June 6.

Lychniss coronaria (rose campion). June 11. Firs bloom was on June 6.

Butterfly Garden

Overview of the whole garden June 1. This garden doesn't start blooming for a few weeks. Eventually I'll add spring bulbs for early season color.

Phlox panniculata "Robert Poore" (on the left) and Heliopsis Scabra "Summer Sun" (false sunflower). The Heliopsis should start blooming by the end of June, the Phlox in mid-July. I bought the heliopsis as a tiny plant last year with a few leaves. It's really branched out and I'm excited to see it in full bloom. June 1.

Dianthus deltoides "Arctic Fire". I just planted these a few weeks ago, so I wasn't expecting any blooms this year. A very lovely surprise. June 6.