April 2008

Foundation Planting

This is before most of my spring cleanup had been done. Note the "sticks" sticking out of the plants. That's last year's stems that need to be cut down. That's why perennials are called woody plants. 4/16/08

Close up of newly emerging Nepeta x faassenii "Blue Wonder". Common name is catmint. 4/16/08

Stachys byzantina 'Helen Von Stein'. The gray on the right is old stems that I cut down during cleanup. Common name of this plant is lamb's ears. 4/16/08

Campanula "Kent Belle". Campanulas can be a very agressive plant, so be careful! This is a sterile hybrid so it doesn't spread wildly. Common name is bell flower. 4/16/08

Festuca glauca  "Elijah Blue", commonly known as Elijah blue fescue. This is a clumping grass. I planted this last year and I've been quite pleased with it. 4/18/08

Geranium x Johnson's Blue. Not all related to those ugly annual zonal geraniums. Also called cranesbill. I planted this in 2001 and it's still going strong. 4/18/2008

I didn't plant this so I have no idea what it is. Anyone? Guess I'll find out. 4/19/08

Peony, just starting to come up. It's amazing to me that a plant that ends up so beautiful, starts out so funny looking. 4/17/08

The garden fully topdressed and ready. Compare it to the first picture and you can see how much the plants have grown in 10 days. That big green bushy thing that's partly in the shade is the peony. 4/26/08

Cottage garden

Daffodils. 4/16/08

Hyacinth 4/20/08

The butterfly garden, prior to spring clean-up. Full of leaves, branches and debris. In another week or two, you won't recognize it. 4/26/08

Closeup of Bradford pear, in flower. I would not reccommend that anyone plant this tree.It suckers like crazy, the trunk tends to split at the crotch weakening it and it's shallow rooted. As a result, it doesn't tend to be long lived and there are much better varieties to plant. However, it came with the house, so for now I'm leaving it.