A2Z Gardens - May 2007

Foundation planting

Peony, May 26
After much searching, I believe the cultivar is Florence Nichols.

Catmint: Nepeta x faassenii, May 27. A very easy care plant that just gets better each year and isn't eaten by dear or rabbits

Geranium "Johnson's Blue" May 27. More of a purplely color than blue.

Salvia x sylvestris "May Night", May 25

Annual Phlox, at the front of the garden, May 25

Annual Verbena, front of the garden, May 25

Penstemon "Midnight Blue"
sold as an annual, it might overwinter
May 26

close up of Stock
May 26
Nex year I'll plant this in the front so it can be seen better

Columbine: Aquilegia x sibirica 'Biedermeier', May 27

Another Aquilegia x sibirica 'Biedermeier', May 27. Here you can easily see the long flower spurs.

This is part of the same plant as above, it's two toned. May 27.

Salvia (Texas sage) greggi "Skylights Pink", May 27. Not hardy in the northeast, this new cultivar has been a heavy bloomer
and attracted a hummingbird.

Penstemon "Mignight Blue" and Salvia greggi "Skylights Pink". The ferny leaf at top is yarrow. May 27.

columbine, sage, daffodil leaves. May 27.

Columbine and Dianthus (pinks) "Bath's Pinks" with a backdrop of daffodil leaves. May 27.

garden from the back. May 27. Desperately needs to be mulched and edged, lol. Bottom right corner are some plants that hadn't been planted yet.

Achilea (yarrow) "Coronation Gold (in bud), Stock, Centurea montana (bachelor buttons). May 27. This picture is flipped, which I don't understand.

The front of the garden. Dianthus, Calibrachoa (million bells), Phlox, Verbena, Centurea. The Calibrachoa doesn't do well in drought, so I doubt I'll get it again. May 27.

Platycodon (balloon flower) "Sentimental Blue". The plant is really lush this year. In the middle is a Centurea seedling, which I dug up and gave away. May 27.

Lychnis coronaria (rose campion). I have about 5 or 6 seedlings from the one plant last year. That plant didn't return (they tend not to). This is a biennial, so no flowers until next year. May 27.

Butterfly garden.

Coreopsis (tickseed) "Zagreb" This plant had done spectacularly for me. It started out as six very tiny plants two years ago. May 27.