The A2Z garden - early June 2007

peonies from my garden. The vase was handmade, I got it many years ago.

Foundation planting.

Foundation planting, June 3. catmint, lamb's ears, blue fescue (newly planted), hardy geranium, pinks. Second row: peonies, siberian iris (the dark purple against the peony), variegated phlox.

peony with siberian iris "Forest Mccord", June 3. The peony leaves look mottled because it developed botrytis, which is a fungal disease. I cut the entire plant down to the ground in August as a result.

close-up of Geranium "Johnson's Blue" and Dianthus "Rose de Mai", June 3

Festuca cinerea 'Elijah Blue' (Elijah Blue fescue), June 3. This is a clumping grass which is very drought tolerant. It replaced my lady's mantle which didn't over winter. (I was actually lucky. The winter was very warm in January - trees strted to bud and then got very cold in April. A lot of plants died because of that.)

Butterfly garden

Veronica "Royal Candles" in bud, June 3

Echincea (cone flower), in bud June 3. This is incredibly early for this plant to start to flower.

Asclepia (butterfly weed) "Hello Yellow" in bud, June 3.

Buddleia "Summer Beauty", June 3.  I had just cut this down. Since I cut it back so late, it didn't start blooming until August. Next year, I'll trim it in May.

The fomer mailbox garden. Now that the mailbox has been removed (carpenter bees destroyed the post), it is now the cottage garden.

Salvia greggi "Skylight Pink"  and Penstemon "Midnight Blue", June 3. The salvia (sage) has been an incredible performer, blooming non-stop all summer. The penstemon (beard tongue) was situated badly and hasn't gotten enough sun. I'll move it next year if it over winters.

Salvia nemerosa "May Night", Achillea "Coronation Gold" (in bud), Penstemon hartwegii "Midnight Blue",  Salvia gregii "Skylight Pink", Salvia gregii "Stampede Cherry" June 3.

Centurea montana, June 3

Johnny jump-ups (viola). This is a volunteer. June 3.

cottage garden, street side. Agastache "Acapulco Rose", annual Phlox, Calibrachoa (million bells), Nemesia, annual Verbena, Centurea montana. June 3. Some of these plants disappeared so they were replaced with other items.

Salvia gregii "Stampede Cherry" in front of a white snapdragon. June 6.

Annual phlox, June 6. The red phlox died off - not enough light.

Annual carnations (part of the Dianthus family). This did not bloom very much, so I won't get this again. June 6.

Sand Cherry, June 6. I have no idea if this shrub is on my property or my neighbors, but it's a gorgeous plant.

June 6. Close up of Sand Cherry leaves (Prunus x cistena)

This is a family of bunnies that was nesting in my butterfly garden near the monarda. There is a funny story associated with this. Because April and early May were so cold, I didn't finish my garden clean up until the end of May. One evening I was clearing up dead leaves and cutting back dead stems, when I came upon a pile of leaves. I throw it out. Underneath that was a pile of fuzz. Got rid of that also. Underneath that (it was getting dark) was what looked like a branch, so I reached in - and it jumped out and ran away. Yup, I had uncovered the nest and I had just grabbed a rabbit! Fortunately no harm was done. Within three days. the babies were all grown up and the nest was abandoned. June 3.