July 2006

Foundation garden

Ernygium Planum (sea holly). July 3. Completely leaning on top of the geranium.

July 25. Phlox paniculata "Nora Leigh".

Mailbox garden

Agastache mexicanna "Acapulco Rose" (Hyssop)

July 3. Platycodon grandiflorus "Sentimental blue" (balloon flower), right before the bud "pops".

A fully opened balloon flower. Sadly, this also suffered a lot of heat damage.

Aster x fritartii "Monch" (asters) along with yarrow and rose campion. This is the earliest my asters have ever bloomed, totally due to the bizarre weather. July 16.

various plants in the mailbox garden.

July 9.

July 9.

July 16.

July 16.

July 25. Asters and petunias.

Juky 25. Snapdragon and asters.

The Butterfly Garden really starts to come into its own this month.

July 2. Stokesia laevis "Bluestone" (Stoke's aster). Unfortunately, the heat fried most of the flowers and new buds 2 weeks

July 2. Coreopis verticillata "Zagreb" (tickseed) intermingled with Achilea millefolium "Summer wine" (yarrow)

July 16. Buddleia daviddi "Summer Beauty" (Butterfly bush).

july 16. Close-up of butterfly bush flower along with a butterfly.

July 16. Phlox paniculata "Robert Poore".

Ju;y 23. Phlox and yarrow.

Echinacea purpurea "Magnus" (purple coneflower) July 16. Finches love the seed heads, so I'm hoping come fall to attract them.

July 23. Coneflowers and bee balm.

Sedum "Purple Emperor" (stonecrop) surrounded by yarrow and coreopsis. July 23.

July 2. Monarda didyma "Raspberry Wine" (bee balm). By July 4, every single bud was opened. This is part of the mint family.

July 9. Monarda in full bloom.

July 16. Echinops ruthenicus "Platinum Blue" (globe thistle).  this took a long time to develop the blue color.

July 9. Plox and the butterfly bush was just starting to bloom.

July 16. View from the back of the garden toward the curb.

Of course, the main of having a butterfly garden is to atract butterflies:

July 25. Eastern Yellow Swallowtail on butterfly bush.

Eastern Yellow Swallowtail on Monarda (bee balm)

July 30. One more pic.

July. Eastern Yellow Swallowtail, black form. This coloration is seen only in females.

Don't know what kind of butterfly this one is.

July 30. Hummingbird moth (Clearwing Sphinx Moth). This really does look just like a hummingbird and the wings beat so fast, that they are just a blur in this photo.

Another view of the hummingbird moth.