2006 Garden Pics

foundation garden

foundation planting. I was in the midst of putting down a top dressing of composted cow manure, which is the dark color you see.

peony prior to bloom. at this stage, one of the ugliest plants ever.

Campanula "Kents Belles" Many Campanula are highly invasive, so be careful before you plant. This variety is sterile and well behaved.

Nepeta - catmint. Like all mints, deer abhor this plant. very east to grow and flowers pretty much continously. melts out in the middle during the heat of summer, but I don't find it that big a deal.

Stachys byzantina "Helen von Stein" - lamb's ears. Soft fuzzy leaves, a beautiful foliage plant. Some people have a problem with it being invasive, mine has never overstepped it's bounds. I planted this in 2001 and still haven't had to divide it.

Geranium (cranesbill) surrounded by Dianthus. This is perennial geranium, a different animal than annual geranium, which I personally think are hideous.

Siberain Iris. very graceful, even when not blooming.

Alchemilla Mollis (Lady's mantle)

Phlox paniculata. I believe those big leaves at the bottom are an Eryngium (sea holly).

mailbox garden

daffodils and hyacinth. photo taken april 13. all others pictures are from the 30th.

Dianthus (pinks). This was three tiny plants last year, they've really taken off.

Centurea montana. this plant tends to get unhappy during muggy August, so I'm going to see how cutting it back goes for this year.

foreground: Lychnis coronaria (rose campion). It's hard to tell but the leaves are grey and fuzzy, so pretty. The flowers are a loud magenta color, I love it. This plant is a volunteer. I planted lychniss two years ago but all of them died. The following year, I found a seedling which is this plant.

background: Aster frikartii. Come August this plant triples in size and starts to bloom.

Achillea filipendulina (yarrow). I hadn't cut off old the old dead wood yet.

Salvia (sage). Deer resistant, they hate the smell.

Butterfly garden

Butterfly garden prior to spring clean-up. One of the problems with planting a garden ten feet away from two birch trees and 30 feet away from a maple is you get to remove a lot of leaves in the spring. Also note my delightful dandelion infested lawn.

me attacking a dandelion. die, weed, die! (Boy, I really do have a lot of hair)