Robin's Garden

New garden bed, cleared of previous vegetation

Ajuga (in bloom) and Lamium "white Nancy" intermingled under a silver maple in the back yard

Pink Azelea bush in bloom, south side of house

white Azalea bush, south side of house

Azalea bushes in bloom

"May Night" Salvia, full bud, mailbox garden. Flowers on the right are "blue butterfly" Delphinium.

Peony, full bud on May 15th. Plant to the right is Phlox.

May 15th. Foundation garden right before spring bloom.

Distance shot of the foundation garden.

me spraying round-up where the new garden will be planted. Note the white line indicating the edge of the bed. This was on May 22nd.

Columbine with unwanted Hollyhock seedling next to it on the left. Mailbox garden, May 22nd.

Rhododendron flower

Mailbox garden, May 22nd. Centaurea Montana (bachelor button) in full bloom.

May 22nd, mailbox garden. Columbine, songbird series - Cardinal.

Alcea rosea "Indian Spring" (hollyhock), May 22nd, mailbox garden. The plant had been growing for maybe three weeks at this point.

May 22nd, mailbox garden. Salvia (sage), Centaurea, Achillea (in bud), Alcea and Cosmos.

May 29th, foundation planting. Cranesbill (hardy geranium) "Johnson's Blue"

Foundation planting, May 29th. Peony. The flowers only last a week, but few flowers are as beautiful.