Robin's Garden

July 17. New butterfly garden fully planted. Garden is 10' by 20' and contains 14 different plant species.

Salvia "May Night" (ornamental sage) and Achillea "Coronation Gold" (yarrow) in full bloom on June 16. Mailbox garden.

Cosmos. Eventually shaded out by the Hollyhock. (You can see a hollyhock leaf at the top right corner). June 16th, mailbox garden.

Centranthus Ruber (Jupiter's beard). June 16th, mailbox garden

Tall Snapdragons, short Snapdragons, Columbine, Petunias. June 28th, Mailbox garden The greenery surrounding them are asters which won't start bloomimg until July.

Annual Verbena. June 28th, mailbox garden

Achillea, Aster (not in bloom), Alcea (hollyhock, just starting to bloom), Columbine, Tall and Short Snapdragons, Centranthus ruber, annual Verbena. Mailbox garden, June 28

Centranthus ruber, Centaurea montana, Achillea "Coronation Gold". Mailbox garden, June 28

June 16th, foundation planting. Nepeta fassimi (catmint), Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris), Stachys "Helene von Stein" (lamb's ears), Alchemilla moilis (lady's mantle), Geranium "Johnson's blue", Dianthus "Rose de Mai" (pinks), Phlox (not yet blooming), Digitalis x mertonensis  (streawberry foxglove). A lot of the dianthus was already brown because we'd had three days of sudden, torrential downpours.

Butterfly garden on June 28. Sokesia laevis "Bluestone" (stoke's aster)