Robin's Garden

Butterfly Garden, July 16. In one month, the plants have grown quite a bit.

butterfly garden, July 2. Sokesia laevis "Bluestone" (Stoke's Aster). looking from left to right, this is the very first plant in the first row. (Second row planted is identical). This plant is so far been rather disappointing since it hasn't bloomed very much. I'll see what happens next year.

Butterfly garden, July 2. Sedum "Purple Emperor" (Stonecrop). Second plant in the first row. Will hopefully bloom in August.

Butterfly garden, July 24. Coreopsis verticillata "Zagreb" (Tickseed; Threadleaf Coreopsis). Third plant, first row. Was in bud on July 2.

Butterfly garden, July 2. Scabiosa "Butterfly Blue" (Pincushion Flower). Fourth plant, first row. Was already in bloom by the time it was planted. Next year it should bloom from April through the first frost. In warmer climates, blooms year round.

Butterfly garden, July 16. Lavandula angustifolia "Blue Cushion" (English Lavender). A low growing lavender. Lavender grows very slowly, it took four years for my other lavender (hidecote) to bloom. Fifth plant, first row.

Butterfly garden, July 2. Veronica spicata "Royal Candles". Extremely heavy bloomer. Sixth (and last) plant in the front row.

Butterfly garden, July 24. Achillea x "Summerwine" (Yarrow). Flowers start out a deep wine red and fade to a hot pink. Third row, first plant (leftmost).

The second plant in this row will by Asclepias "Hello Yellow" (milkweed), favored plant of Monarch Butterfles. It still hasn't arrived from the nursery I ordered it from.

Butterfly garden, July 16. Agastache "Tutti Frutti" (giant hyssop). Just coming into bloom, you can see the pink tubular flowers at the top of the plant. This is a hummingbird favorite, so maybe I'll get lucky. The leaves and flowers have a lemony, fruity scent.

Butterfly garden, July 24. Echinacea purpurea "Magnus" (Purple Coneflower). Fourth plant, third row.

Butterfly garden, July 16. Buddleia "Summer Beauty" (butterfly bush) in the foreground.  You can see one of the flowers arching off to the left. The plant was just coming into bloom. This is a shrub and will hit about five feet at maturity. The flowers have an incredibly sweet smell and are very attractive to butterflies.

Butterfly garden, July 16. Phlox paniculata "Robert Poore". Will eventually hit 5 feet. I don't know if it will bloom this year but will have deep, hot pink flowers when it does. Third plant, fourth row.

Butterfly Garden, July 16. Helianthus salicifolius "First Light" ( willow leafed sunflower). An extremely low growing sunflower, it's full height will be between 3 and 4 feet instead of the usual 8 to 10. It should bloom in August. Fourth row, third plant.

Butterfly garden, July 16. Monarda "Raspberry Wine". Likely won't bloom this year, but it does spread fairly quickly and is already filling in nicely. A favorite of bumble bees as it's common name, bee balm, indicates. Will eventually reach around 4 feet high.

Butterfly garden, July 16. Echinops ruthenicus "Platinum Blue" (globe thistle). I planted this very late, so it might not do much this year. Fifth row.

July 19. Close up of Achillea x "Summerwine".

July 9. Close up of Echinacea purpurea "Magnus".

Foundation planting, July 24. This garden hits its peak in the spring. Campanula is still blooming (dark purple on the left) and the dianthus gave a new second wave of bloom (the pink flowers). The phlox (the green and white tall plant) didn't start blooming until August 1.

July 16. Close up of Dianthus "Rose de Mai" (pinks). This flower was first cultivated in the 1820's.

Foundation garden, July 2. Alchemilla mollis (lady's mantle) and Lavandula Hidecote (lavender), both in bloom. The tall, thin leaves behind these plants are Siberian Iris.

Foundation garden, July 2. Campanula "Kent Belles" (bell flower) and Nepeta fassemi (cat mint)

Mailbox garden, July 16, streetside. Asters, Hollyhock, Jupiter's beard, Yarrow, Sage, Delphinium.

Mailbox garden, July 10, streetside view.

Mailbox garden, July 10. Front yard view.

Mailbox garden, July 16. Pink hollyhocks and yellow yarrow.

Mailbox garden, July 10. Salvia greggi "Cherry Queen" (sage) and Delphinium "Butterfly Blue".

Mailbox garde, July 24. Heliotrope (perennial down south) and Delpinium "Butterfly Blue".

Mailbox garden, July 2. Centurea montana (bachelor's button)

July 19. Close up of Heliotrope.

July 16. Close up of Alcea rosea "Indian Spring" (Hollyhock).